The Pedigree Series

After four hundred years in New England, the Hughes family has a certain reputation. Upholding it isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when scandal and tragedy abound. Rooted in the past, but shaped by the present, each member of the family must find a way to forge ahead. Reconciling the distant past, the recent past, and the future pushes the family into the twenty-first century – but life is always eager to push back.

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political book coverThe Date

At eighteen, Hollis Hughes fell in love at first sight with husband-to-be Jeffrey. Despite his questionable taste in friends, Jeffrey proved to be the perfect gentleman and a Mayhew besides. More than two decades on, the Mayhews have three perfect kids and the delicious teenage chemistry they’ve never lost.

When Jeffrey’s former high school classmate Brent Kittredge is nominated for a Cabinet post, Hollis is concerned. When women start tumbling out of the woodwork to accuse the would-be Secretary of sexual harassment and worse, she is unsurprised.
One of Hollis’s closest friends joins the chorus of accusers, and a firestorm erupts. With a Senate hearing in the works, Brent starts leaning on his high school friends for alibis. First on his list of confidantes? The upstanding Jeffrey Mayhew. Pedigree series #1.

boston book coverWhere We Start From

Poppy and Stephen Endicott are the toast of Louisburg Square and the glory of Instagram. Stephen’s strong suits are his good looks, his charm, and his two handicap. His lesser suits? Fidelity and sobriety. Poppy’s lesser suit? Her cactus spikes of doom.

One night, a knock on the door changes Poppy’s comfortable, secure, privileged life forever. Widowed abruptly, she plunges into depression while her mother and sisters cluck over her and the kids flounder.
When her mother moves in and takes over her household, Poppy decides she may have mourned enough. While grappling with another unexpected change, she must learn to pick up the pieces of her own life and more importantly, her children’s lives. Pedigree series #2.

sunset book coverInto the Sunset

When Abigail Emerson was thirteen, the love of her life came crashing through the lilacs on a white horse. Naturally, he headed straight for her older sister. Used to living in beautiful, popular Catherine’s shadow, Abby took it in stride. An eighteen-year-old like Phil Hughes wasn’t going to be interested in a weird middle schooler.

Nine years later, Catherine Emerson and Philip Hughes IV are celebrating their engagement with the requisite fête for two hundred friends. Alas, Catherine ditches her Cartier Solitaire and sails off into the sunset without Phil. Everyone is scandalized, but none more so than Abby. When she reaches out to Phil on behalf of her mortified parents, Abby and Phil are both surprised how eagerly he reaches back. Pedigree series #3.

lonely man book coverThe Wrong Reasons

Marrying on the rebound was not Mackenzie Hughes’s best idea. Rachel Marsh was the antithesis of his cheating ex and the steamiest encounter of his entire life. Thirteen years and three kids later, the passion has long since faded and left sniping and hostility in its place.

When his brother-in-law dies tragically, Mackie is forced to acknowledge the brevity of life. When Rachel is offered a new job in her hometown and insists on the move, he’s forced to acknowledge the hostility. Torn between his children’s future happiness and his own, he’s faced with deciding whether he and Rachel should try to bridge the gaping chasm between their backgrounds or just part ways. Pedigree series #4.

sunshine book coverWeave the Sunshine

When Poppy Endicott’s husband died, Poppy assumed her love life did as well. With three kids to raise, including the baby Stephen never got to meet, her hands are more than full. Plus, it’s likely her big kids would frown on their mother dating.
Patrick Brinley, her charming attorney – a family friend and divorced father of two – has long admired Poppy’s resilience. He’s attracted to Poppy, but he’s happy to be friends, too. After all, he did nothing but fail miserably as a husband and dad.

Poppy is terrified of tarnishing Stephen’s memory for her children and herself, and acknowledging the shortcomings in her marriage just might do that. Patrick knows precisely what he did wrong in his own marriage, but he hasn’t exactly shaped up over the nine years since it ended. Patrick and Poppy discover how to make peace with the past and give themselves a second chance. Pedigree series #5.

window book coverThe Dream Kingdom

Blythe Lawrence Hughes has a grand vision for her life – and her family’s life. Unfortunately, her grand reality is more like living in her parents’ house with two kids and one on the way. And a husband who greatly dislikes living with his in-laws. What Philip doesn’t understand is that their lives will be perfect, if only he would listen to Blythe.
Philip Hughes III is very much not a visionary. His job has always been to stay rooted in reality whilst his parents, brother, and sister come unmoored around him. He’s a bit dismayed that his strong, capable wife is proving to be less than practical.
When equal parts tragedy and scandal rock the Hughes family, Philip is the one to come unmoored, and Blythe is forced to acknowledge that her idea of perfection might be a myth. Together, they must learn to let go of their expectations and build a perfectly imperfect, rooted life. Pedigree series #6.


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