book collage

I have big news! Somehow, a year and a half has flown by since I launched a) this website, b) my book series, c) the nerve to actually post photos of myself on social media.

I’ve so enjoyed connecting with all of you, whether you’ve been here since the old teal website days (#neverforget) or have joined recently thanks to the insane viral housecleaning reel. Let’s get to know each other a little better. I’d like to invite you to become a part of my new book club, which kicks off in April!

We’ll meet once a month for six months. That’s only six Zoom meetings, ten fewer meetings than a standard 2020 workday. A different Pedigree book is on the agenda for each meeting – we’ll enjoy a friendly discussion, a bonus cocktail recipe, and copious author’s notes (copiousness is directly proportional to cocktail strength).

Here’s how it works:

1. Join for free via the sign-up form

2. By registering, you’ll gain access to our private group in Discord. Download the Discord app (also free) if you don’t already have it or use it on your desktop

3. Grab Book 1 The Date from Amazon. The series is also available at Barnes & Noble if you prefer to shop there.

4. Join us for the Zoom discussion mentioned above. Details will be announced in our private group.

If you’ve already read one or all of the books, please join us! Likewise if you’ve bought them and haven’t gotten around to reading them or if you’re totally new to the series. Everyone is welcome to participate, and I hope to see you there!