snowy woods

I am heartily sick of winter. The weather has been springlike here for the past few days, but as I said to my husband, if you don’t like the season in Southwest Ohio, wait 24 hours, and you’ll get a new one. (By 24, I mean 6.) If you’re here by my side trying to slog through the final month of winter, here’s what I’ve been using to stay sane.

Fortnum & Mason Afternoon Blend – This is my current favorite tea, although I have five different varieties of loose leaf tea rattling around my emotional support corner. I’ve been making a daily habit of having a cup of tea and a small treat in the afternoon this winter. Instagram is very here for the tea content, which has made it a lot fun, too.

LL Bean flannel nightgown – These are going, going, almost out of stock, so grab whatever might fit you now. I think they come back in stock every autumn, so there’s always a chance to grab one later this year. This and a pair of Kiel James Patrick sweater socks are my favorite sleeping ensemble. The nightgown works better for me than a pair of fleece pajamas, which always have me waking up overheated at three in the morning. If your local forecast cycles through the seasons within a week, this is a great option.

Drybar Liquid Glass Shampoo and Conditioner – I recently stopped coloring my hair. Aside from the orange fiasco, I’m really enjoying the lower maintenance life. One of the perks is not having to worry about whether a shampoo is color safe. I’m not sure if this one is, but I love it. It smells like sugar cookies, and I haven’t had an issue with static (normally a big problem for me!) all winter.

Wagner Tannhauser Overture (Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Sir Georg Solti) – I grew up listening to almost nothing but classical music and go back to it particularly in the winter, which seems like a more contemplative season. The composers I listened to growing up were my parents’ favorites, of course. My mom hates Wagner, and I know she is reading this post and judging me. This is a composer I just didn’t get until well into adulthood (like, recently), but am very into it at the moment. Sorry, Mom. Every year, my music app recap is ridiculous because I listen to the same songs over and over. Last year, I listened to Nick Drake’s ‘Pink Moon’ for 1,770 minutes. This year, I think may be the year ‘Pink Moon’ falls to the Solti Tannhauser Overture. I could go on, but I won’t right now. Just go listen to it.

Chopin Nocturnes (Arthur Rubinstein) – If the above tops the recap list, this will be a close second. I love the careful, considerate way Rubinstein interprets Chopin. My listening to piano music again is very timely as we’re getting a piano very soon! 2023 has become the year of just saying yes. Adopt these abandoned cats? Absolutely! Want a random piano? Sure, why not? The random piano will be here Monday.

Mentally redecorating my home – Oh, I am so bored with the Eternal Reno. I’ve been scheming up new projects, which is one of my twenty-seven creative outlets, but of course, don’t want to go ahead with anything until we’re finally shut of the Eternal Reno. (The master bedroom, in case you’re new here.) My mind has drifted ahead to the stairwell and upstairs hallway, plus a fun facelift for the kitchen.

These relaxing YouTube videos – Do you follow Nicolas Fairford? I’ve been watching since he started his channel during lockdown. I normally get bored watching YT videos, especially ones that are meant to relax me, but I really enjoy his tips on afternoon tea, tables, interiors, and living a beautiful life.

Angry work TikToks – Are you into these, too?? This is the most cathartic thing ever after a day of endless email and bone grindingly awkward office politics. My favorites are The Wade Empire and calamityware.