Woman under tree

Woman under treeI haven’t done an outfit post in approximately one hundred years! While we were taking our holiday card photos, I took a quick snap of my outfit. It’s not a special ‘holiday card only’ outfit – well, it’s special to me – and it’s definitely a versatile one. I invested in this dress last year knowing I would wear it to the office at least once per week, plus it’s truly a go-anywhere piece that will last. Its recent non-work outings include a memorial service, holiday card photos, and a small cocktail event. As I said, this is a versatile look!

Dress: Molly Moorkamp Brynn Dress

Necklace: College graduation pearls

Earrings: A gift from my mom to wear in my wedding.

Shoes: Ferragamo Vara pumps (I found mine secondhand, which is why they were allowed underneath this pine tree. The Internet is replete with secondhand Varas. I find them to run half a size small.)