thanksgiving table

In grad school, I knew someone who would start listening to Christmas music and drinking eggnog lattes the day after Halloween. They were viewed as a harmless eccentric. Unfortunately (I’m going with unfortunately here), the rest of social media has caught up with this person. I am never going to like Ridiculous Early Christmas. It comes earlier every year, and drives me slightly crazier each time.

There’s definitely call for some idea gathering at this stage of the game – a large holiday celebration takes a large amount of forethought, after all. And I know intellectually that bloggers decorate early to give their followers inspiration for their own decor. But ugh, do I hate seeing my Instagram feed and local store windows pop to evergreen the second the candle goes out on the jack o’lanterns.

It’s also sad to see Thanksgiving be downplayed every year. This has always been one of my favorite holidays and my family’s as well. If you’re looking for Thanksgiving ideas, I hope the next few weeks of posts are helpful! We’re not hosting this year, so I have some time on my hands to blog about Thanksgiving.

I’m going to share my content calendar here, mostly to keep myself on task. I’ve been dealing with some health issues and general life chaos, hence this being my first post since September 28. It’s very difficult for me to write blog posts and create Instagram content when I’m not feeling well, and when my calendar is hectic, posting to Instagram/blogging is the easiest thing to drop. I have definitely missed connecting with you, and I’m happy to be back!

The lineup:

November 7: Meal ideas (with turkey alternatives)
November 10: Thanksgiving tablescapes
November 14: Outfits (ladies and children, men are on their own)
November 17: Cocktails
November 21: Traditions

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