I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been phasing black clothing out of my wardrobe. I haven’t done anything drastic like purge everything and replace it with navy versions of the same, but as things wear out or new things go on sale, I’ve been slowly removing black items from my closet.

As I’ve also said, this quirky phase-out isn’t anything against people who enjoy wearing black. It’s just not a color that flatters me or ‘sparks joy’ for me when dressing. I only own black clothing because everyone does. I’ll never purge the color entirely – I have a small handful of black dresses and skirts from J. Peterman that are of wonderful quality and a vintage dress that belonged to my great-great aunt. All this said, as a key neutral, black will always have a small place in my closet.

With fall and winter approaching, I’ve been stepping up my search for replacement items because most of my black clothing items are for the colder months. I bought a navy dress last year that I absolutely love – the Molly Moorkamp Brynn dress – and I purchased it with the intent to wear it at least weekly. I’ve not yet posted a picture of it and am looking forward to all the ways I can style it this season. It’s so much fun to have items in the closet that I’m truly excited to wear, even if it’s for the fourth time in a given month.

I’m curious – do you have a color that you don’t prefer to wear? Have you ever phased any particular elements out of your wardrobe?


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