navy handbag

I’ve needed a new everyday handbag for fall and winter for a long time now. It was written on three separate ‘needs’ Google Keep lists! During the spring and summer, I carry an LL Bean Boat & Tote (monogrammed with my boring old monogram). When September rolls around, I always like to switch to a leather handbag.

I’ve written/admitted before that my previous fall/winter bag was a gift from an ex’s mother, which I received in 2004. It was one of those black Cole Haan ‘doctor bags’ that were all the rage in 2004. I kept it for 18 years because the quality was excellent and it seemed wasteful to toss a perfectly good bag. (The bag>her son.)

Unfortunately, despite the bag’s quality, Cole Haan is a brand with very poor resale value. I think I held onto it longer knowing it would net me under $50 on eBay. Selling online is a pain, and shipping a gigantic bag would be more trouble than it was worth.

I was excited to find the Natalia Tote by Salthouse England, which finally motivated me to kick the ex bag to the curb. I ordered mine from Hound & Hare, which is a wonderful source for U.K. brands if you’re here in the U.S. They stock quality items from small British makers with no need to worry about converting to dollars, overseas shipping, or Visa’s international transaction fees.

I love the Natalia’s size – much smaller than the medium Boat & Tote, but not so small my things don’t fit. It features zippered pockets within and one exterior pocket, plus has a detachable crossbody strap.

Well-made leather totes are usually priced much higher, so I feel like this is a solid buy. Next on my list is a wallet to match. If you have a leather wallet you love, let me know!