I kept meaning to jot down some August thoughts, but time clearly got away from me. I took a week off earlier in the month to spend some time with my daughter before school started, and then of course, school starting threw us into the busy season. I’m so grateful I was able to take that week and spend some quality time making summer memories. My worry was that the week might make me question everything and wish I’d chosen to stay home. It did not. Stay at home moms, you are heroes.

As far as blogging, this past month has been an odd transitional time. It’s been interesting to see what fellow bloggers have done with late summer. Some have gone full throttle on the pumpkin spice, while others have clung to summer. Although summer is not my favorite season, I’m in Category B. I don’t like to get very far ahead of the calendar and am trying to be better about savoring the season we’re experiencing.

I’m looking forward to this weekend, as we’re planning to travel for the first time since 2019! Last year on Labor Day weekend, I was sick in bed all three days. Earlier this week, I came down with a high fever/chills/body aches that was fortunately not COVID and only lasted about 24 hours. It’s a relief to be feeling better, not have COVID, and not have to cancel our trip. We’re heading back East to see friends and family in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The following weekend, we’re heading to the LPGA Queen City Championship at Kenwood Country Club. We had so much fun walking the course at NCR for the U.S. Senior Women’s Open, we jumped at the chance to attend another tournament. I reminded my husband that we used to attend indie music festivals during this time of year and look at us now. In all seriousness, we really enjoy the golf tournaments and it’s great for our daughter, a budding golfer, to see women athletes compete on a national stage.

Cheers to the unofficial end of summer and a wonderful Labor Day weekend to everyone!