woman at computer

As a communications manager by day and a blogger by crack of dawn/afternoon/evening, I necessarily spend a large portion of my time thinking about social media. I love my job and blogging, but I wouldn’t say I love social media.

How many social networks are you on? I have a Facebook account solely so I can admin a Page at Day Job. I used to also engage with friends, family, Groups, and Pages via my personal account, but stopped cold turkey in September 2020. I’ve scrubbed my whole profile, and I’ll never go back. My life is honestly so much better without scrolling Facebook.

I have a Twitter account that I used heavily ten-plus years ago to connect with other writers and have hardly touched since. My last login was on January 6, 2021 – I joked to my husband that you know there’s something bad happening if I’m on Twitter. I have a TikTok with two or three lame posts to my name; I prefer to enjoy watching others’ content there.

Instagram is likely why you’re reading this article. My account features my photos and my writing, but it’s not necessarily a ‘personal account.’ I wrote on the defunct old website in a post that actually made it to this site about the various ways social media is used in the series, mostly to filter a main character’s life and give her the life she wishes she had online, if not in reality.

We all edit and filter on social, of course. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, as long as you’re not overtly lying. I’ve stopped following accounts because I felt they overshared, especially about their children’s personal business. I always feel badly for influencers (especially those whose account is for their business) who post that their followers keep requesting to see ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘real life’ content. I don’t think anyone is entitled to glimpses of someone’s personal life.

Lately, I’ve been reassessing what I choose to show online. With the account now a year old, it’s a good time to refine and shift. Also, as more and more people join me – which I appreciate, of course! – the more I consider certain privacy concerns, etc. It’s a good reminder to go back and archive more photos from the pre-Toiles era.