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fashion collageHot fall and cold spring are the most frustrating times on the calendar. Unfortunately also, autumn seems to be getting gobbled up by climate change at a faster pace than any other season. Does the temperature not realize it’s supposed to plummet on the first Tuesday in September?

I’m generally a progressive person, but am traditional in a lot of ways, too. One rule I will never abandon is putting away my summer whites after Labor Day. White capris just don’t look right to me in September, and honestly, I’m ready for a change by that point, too. Alas, the weather in Southwest Ohio is volatile and rarely gets the message.

These weird transitional times are the ones most unaccounted for in my sparse closet right now, so I may be doing some shopping before long. Here’s what I’m eyeing for Hot Fall (my husband laughs when I say ‘hot fall,’ and I think I prefer the term to ‘pre-fall’.)

LL Bean Plaid Shirtdress – this is a cool fabric, but in more fall appropriate tones. It’s been stalking me on targeted ads for two months.

Navy Poplin A-line dress – I’m not wild about the asymmetric neckline on the linked dress, but the LL Bean version is sold out and not on their website currently. I’ll probably just be patient rather than buying something I don’t love, but I’m curious about eShakti. I wrote an article about them back in my freelancing days, and I like how customizable their things seem to be.

Coco Fleur Stripe ruffle dress – My Blue Dahlia ruffle dress is a big favorite for summer. I have the tablecloth in the Coco Fleur Stripe print, and it’s lovely. The best fall tablecloth. It’s tempting to dress to match my Thanksgiving table.

Claire Haggas silk scarf – My once-robust scarf collection is very depleted. I love scarves, especially during the transitional seasons.

Duffield Lane Palmer Dress in Sky Plaid – Yes, another plaid shirtdress, but they’re so perfect for Hot Fall!

Alice Walk striped tee – I associate striped tees more with summer, but they’re not something I tuck away immediately after Labor Day. The Oatmeal Stripe colorway would be perfect through maybe mid-October. We’ve picked pumpkins in 90-plus degree weather, so you never know.



  1. Dear Sara ~ I enjoyed your recent comments regarding your ‘pre-fall,’ clothing choices. Please let us know some of your preferences. We’d like to gift you w/them for Christmas. XOXO

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