fashion collage

fashion collageI have a confession to make. After all my Stories and even a blog post about various retailers’ summer sales, I haven’t shopped a single one. Have you? I hope the posts were helpful, if so! When it came down to it, I still have some major holes in my wardrobe that need to be addressed. Alas, ‘one more ruffle dress’ and ‘fabulous gingham gown’ are not on my running list of necessities. Do you keep lists of clothing items you and your family need? I have lists in Google Keep for absolutely everything, clothing included. Here’s what’s on my ‘Actual Needs’ list right now:

Navy leather tote (Salthouse England) – I bid a seasonal farewell to my Canvas Warrior, the Boat & Tote, during fall/winter, but my only leather bag large enough to take to work is one a long-ago boyfriend’s mother bought me in 2004. It’s a nice enough bag and still looks fairly new, but given its history, I’d really like to finally make the switch.

Brown leather belt (Mackenzie & George) – Somehow, I’m down to owning one belt, and it’s a disintegrating one I stole from my mom probably back in undergrad. M&G also makes a navy belt, and I should probably get that one, too!

White button down shirt (Classic Six) – I’m on a mission to find the perfect white button down, as well as not immediately destroy said button down. The one I’ve been wearing on Instagram all summer has a small scorch mark from the dryer; it just isn’t visible on the posts. (Love those ‘perfect, polished’ Instagram looks.) Time to replace it, and also to forever line dry the Unicorn Shirt once I find it.

Navy pumps for work – I’m currently torn on which ones to buy. My black work flats have run their course and are starting to hurt my feet. Rather than buy new black ones, I’m going with navy. I’ve been slowly phasing black out of my wardrobe this past year. This is nothing against black clothing or the people who wear it, the color just doesn’t look good on me. I want these pumps from Ferragamo, but I constantly catch the back of my shoes on the concrete steps outside of work.

Navy pencil skirt (J. Crew) – Wallet friendly find to replace my black pencil skirt. I don’t really like how J. Crew has styled any of the product photos, but it (hopefully) should be a pretty straightforward basic piece.

Do you have wardrobe holes that you desperately need to fill? What’s on your list right now?