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I spent most of the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns painting our house. It developed into something of a hobby – reading painting blogs, collecting fan decks, literally watching paint dry. The excitement never ends around here. My go-to brand is Farrow & Ball. I had a whole lengthy post on the old website called ‘Is Farrow & Ball Worth the Cost?’

TL;DR, RIP website – Yes. So worth it.

If someone happens to bring up paint, they get to hear me wax poetic. I have become this SNL sketch. Please help me. This post is not at all sponsored, but there’s always the dream of free paint.

In all seriousness, it’s my go-to for a reason. In a recent post, I mentioned that painting is one of the home renovation instances when I’ll never use the budget option. Paint quality makes a tremendous difference to the overall look and feel of a home. F&B paint is more vibrant and livelier than anything else out there. Plus, the color selection is more sophisticated and more curated than other brands.

Here are some common myths about F&B, which I shall bust forthwith:

You can’t touch it up – Yes, you can, and I do it all the time.
It’s a disaster around kids/pets – Estate Emulsion (their signature chalky finish) is not the best choice for certain areas of the house. That’s true. Modern Emulsion is key for high-traffic areas – our daughter’s room, the sun parlor which serves as a family room/kid art room/mudroom, and soon our upstairs hallway are all painted with Modern Emulsion.
You can just color match with cheaper paint – Bahhh no. The real thing has more pigmentation and is made with natural ingredients, not synthetic ones. It’s never going to look as good. (For woodwork only, I sometimes get their paints color matched at Sherwin-Williams in Emerald Satin, not a cheap paint, and it’s worked out well. Otherwise, don’t color match.)
The coverage is terrible – Au contraire. The coverage is amazing, especially if you use good quality painting equipment. I have painted large rooms and multiple rooms and had plenty of leftover paint every time.
You have to do a million coats – Not if you follow the directions. Using the correct F&B primer is pretty critical.

Here’s a list of the F&B colors I’ve used in my home so far – if you’re planning to use any of these and have questions, I’d be happy to help!
Dimity (Estate Emulsion, formal living room walls)
Pink Ground (Modern Emulsion, sun parlor walls)
Pitch Blue (Modern Eggshell, china cupboard)
Yeabridge Green (Estate Emulsion, guest room walls)
Clunch (Color matched Emerald Satin, guest room woodwork)
Dayroom Yellow (Estate Emulsion, master bedroom/sitting room walls)
Wimborne White (Color matched Emerald Satin, master bedroom/sitting room woodwork)
Cinder Rose (Modern Emulsion, Child’s bedroom walls)
Great White (Estate Eggshell, Child’s bedroom woodwork)
Cabbage White (Color matched Emerald Satin, hallway woodwork)

We’re also planning to use Lulworth Blue, Cook’s Blue, and Duck Green. I’ll update once these projects are underway!


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