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I’ve been so excited this spring and summer to have the blog and Instagram account really begin to take shape. Something I’ve been wanting to start for quite some time is a series of style profiles. As a former journalist, I’m all about the interviews!

I’m thrilled to welcome Mariah Grumet, founder and instructor at Old Soul Etiquette as my very first feature. If you don’t know Mariah or OSE, I hope you’ll take a look at her website or find her on Instagram @oldsouletiquette. In addition to her fabulous vintage-inspired style, she’s a genuinely warm and gracious person. We love her classes – Margaret took her children’s series, Miss Mariah’s Manners, this winter, and I’m looking forward to taking the Afternoon Tea Course once we’re back to our school year schedule.

Here’s what Mariah had to say about her love of fashion and in particular 1950s/60s vintage style.

woman in dressHow does your work as an etiquette coach inform your sense of style?
I live and teach the philosophy of “look good, feel good, do good.” When we put effort into our appearance, not only is it a form of respect for the people we spend time with, but it also makes us more confident. Confidence is an automatic mood booster. When we feel incredible, we can go out in the world and be the best version of ourselves and spread kindness to others. That is what etiquette is all about.

What type of work did you do within the fashion industry prior to launching OSE? What sparked your interest in the field?
I worked in the business side of the industry, specifically in buying for a large retailer. I decided to study fashion in college because it was something I was very interested in after growing up modeling and competing in pageants. It was not until I studied abroad in Paris, did I discover my deep adoration for true style and fashion.

You share pretty regularly about your love of the vintage aesthetic – music, movies, fashion – what draws you to vintage style?
It never goes out of style! It is timeless. That is what I adore most about it. I am drawn to the music, movies, and fashion because this is where I find a lot of my creative inspiration. There is just something about it that makes me feel alive!

I love how your style is classic and vintage-inspired, yet never looks dated or like a costume. How do you strike a balance between vintage and modern?woman in black dress
Thank you! It is exactly what you mentioned- balance! For example, I will pair a vintage dress with a newer pair of shoes. Or perhaps a vintage handbag or piece of jewelry with a modern dress. I am rarely ever in an outfit that is 100% vintage.

Name your top three style icons.
Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O.

Finally, just for fun, fill in the blank: if I had a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, I would visit….?
Paris! It’s one of my favorite places on the planet.

Thank you, Mariah, for sharing your style with us! All featured images are courtesy of Old Soul Etiquette and may not be republished.