fourth of july picnic

It’s strange to think of July as ‘halfway through the summer,’ since summer technically started on June 21. We’re halfway through white pants season, at any rate, and I haven’t worn my summer whites nearly enough.

Do you wear your summer whites before Memorial Day and/or after Labor Day? As a boring and old-fashioned soul, I don’t. I know, I know, ‘down with the outdated rules,’ but those white capris feel so wrong starting the first Tuesday in September. I just can’t.

Anyhow, I hope you had a great holiday weekend, whatever the holiday weekend meant to you this year. My social media feed was a mixed bag with full-on celebrations, outright refusals to celebrate and those celebrating with reservations/mixed feelings. Personally, I was in the last category. The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays and I have a personal connection to its history, so I hate to not celebrate it. On the other hand, I’ve been struggling with what I’ve been seeing in the news lately, which made it a bittersweet day.

Since yesterday was the first Monday of the month, I sent out my e-newsletter (join the list to get it next time). The show must go on, despite the federal holiday. I mentioned my summer vacation from writing the series, and today (actually Sunday, but I’m playing work email catch up), one of my favorite marketing newsletters mentioned ‘the fallow period’ in creative work.

If you do creative work, do you take periodic breaks to reset? It’s so difficult for me to do, but it really does help. Of course, I fill the void by writing blog posts instead, but for Type A me, any sort of break is a win. I’m trying to completely clear my editing backlog before I even think about writing the next series installment, which is actually the last series installment. Writing fiction is so absorbing that it’s been nice to have that headspace back for the summer.

One more thing – I’ve saved the big announcement for last! Style Profiles are coming to the site starting this Thursday. Although I do write up a lot of interviews for my day job, they’re not about style or gardening or home décor. I’m excited to introduce our first guest (such a good one!) and to connect with more friends about their style as I continue creating these features.

PS – Do you know the song that inspired the title of this post? You should!