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beach book coverIt’s been quite some time since I posted about my novel series, Pedigree. At some point, I may need to rebrand or re-title Book 1, which is currently published as The Date. I chose that title because a particular date (as in mm/dd/yyyy, not a romantic outing) plays a key role in the story. The cover is a beach, too, which doesn’t help matters. Beach Week (or Senior Week) is also integral to the plot. That title plus the cover image unfortunately makes it look a bit like a cotton candy beach read or a romance novel or something.

While it’s a quick read and one could certainly read it on the beach, it’s not a romance at all. I got the idea for the story during the fall of 2018. Although I think my politics are apparent in the series, the other books aren’t overtly political like this one. I’m a bit torn, honestly, about posting this because I don’t really want this blog to be some kind of politically charged site or for my Instagram account to turn into commentary about those types of topics. That’s not why I started this page. I’d rather contribute in other ways like calling or emailing elected officials, donating to organizations, etc. Actually, did you know that you can still send your elected officials a telegram? It’s only $14.99, and stands out from the crowd. No one is getting flooded with telegrams. But I digress.

All that to say, today’s events have me thinking of this book. I do hope you read it and would hate to give spoilers, but the only romantic fantasy in this book is powerful white men wanting to smash the patriarchy to help an LGBTQTIA+ woman in need. That’s my kind of wish fulfillment.

I lost the previous post talking about this book in the Great Website Collapse of 2022. I barely remember what was in it. Essentially, this book grew out of a major political event that touched a nerve with me because of a personal experience I had many years ago. Unfortunately, we’re feeling the repercussions of that political event now more than ever.


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