man and child

Why are dads so notoriously hard to buy for? Despite entire stores and websites devoted to men’s items, it seems so tricky to find the men in your life the right gift. Am I the only one whose brain shuts down three weeks before Fathers’ Day and buys yet another box of personalized golf balls in a blind panic?

In case you’re struggling, too, I’ve put together my first-ever gift guide! Here are some ideas to keep the panic at bay this June:

  1. A new Smathers & Branson needlepoint belt is always something fun he can wear all summer.
  2. A backgammon or chess set. There are so many price points for these at various retailers. I love the options on Etsy, which seem reasonably priced to give as a Fathers’ Day gift.
  3. A linen handkerchief. I probably wouldn’t give this gift to my husband, but my dad would love this one from Turnbull & Asser.
  4. Weird gadgets. In my blind golf ball panic, I always forget how mesmerized my dad gets in The Sharper Image and in the weird gadget section of Eddie Bauer. No link for this one. Just pick a ‘4-D’ ice scraper or a ‘space age’ wine opener and call it a day.
  5. Fragrance. Another thing I forget as I panic. This makes a great gift for a significant other. Ralph Lauren Polo Red is a classic and subtle scent if your dude doesn’t already have a cologne he prefers.
  6. If you’re feeling spendy, I love these golf bookends from Scully & Scully. They used to have a golf lamp, too, which unfortunately appears to be gone from the website.
  7. Event tickets. One year, I gave my husband tickets for a Belgian food/ale festival at a nearby club. That gift was a tremendous hit, and we enjoyed spending an afternoon together. I’ve also gotten concert tickets or done a golf outing for my dad and me.

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