Perhaps it’s from having revolutionary blood (this makes me sound exciting, which is untrue), but I love a good red, white, and blue outfit. Even better, I love some red, white, and blue family matching. Clearly, there are an infinite number of ways to do this. However, if you’ve found your way to me, I doubt you’re planning to wear a flag-emblazoned wolf shirt this summer. No judgment, though. Apologies for any insult to Wolf Shirt Nation.

So many of the classic wardrobe staples are already the correct colors. As much as I struggle to find the right outfit sometimes, pulling together a RWB ensemble is pretty painless.

Here are things that make a painless RWB outfit possible:
Striped tee
Nantucket reds
Navy shorts (the ones I wear are from Banana Republic, but are from a few years ago. Linking similar but untested pair)
Festive hair bow (mine is Brooks Brothers and not made anymore. Linked one from Etsy)
Red Jack Rogers sandals (or these flag ones)
Navy dress
Classic tennis sweater

It’s worth noting that my husband just wears the men’s version of many of these things. Well, not the hair bow. Not that he couldn’t rock it.

You probably have these things or similar lying around, but let’s not turn down the opportunity to grow our wardrobes with pieces that go with everything and will be worn all summer, every summer. I’m eyeing:
This Duffield Lane dress
Molly Moorkamp Louise shift although it looks to be sold out in my size

On the kids’ side, every retailer has adorable patriotic childrenswear. Unfortunately, a lot of it is pre-order only, which I totally understand from a business perspective, but also dislike because I’m just trying to get through my life in February. It’s disheartening to see that I’ve missed the boat by May.

Here are some sweet RWB kids’ styles that are in stock now:
The Beaufort Bonnet Company
Five Mile River and Lobster Invasion prints from Classic Prep Childrenswear
Cute dress from The Proper Peony

*None of the above are affiliate links. I’m an author first and a blogger second. If you want to keep the outfit magic going and like this aesthetic, you would probably enjoy the Pedigree Series.