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I read once that the typical office building thermostat is calibrated toward the most comfortable temperature for the male body. Is that true? It certainly explains why the men in my office stroll around in polos year round while the women pile on the heated blankets in mid July.

It’s hard to concentrate while you’re shivering. I always say one of the most underrated joys of adulthood is going from a freezing office to a sun-baked car. Of course, once in the sun-baked car that long-sleeved shirt that saved your life in the office is pretty uncomfortable.

Here are my favorite layering items to stay professional no matter the weather or HVAC conditions!

Linen blazer – can be worn over shift dresses, blouses, all the things. I like a navy one, but any neutral is a great option
Julia Amory pareo – chic, lots of options, perfect if your office is a more moderate tundra
Cashmere or cashmere-blend wrap or a pashmina – for the deep-freeze office. This is what I usually use on non-blazer days.
Oversized yet elegant cardigan – If your Antarctic office is a little more casual, try one of these. I have a cardigan from Duffield Lane that I love (I sized up for a looser fit). Mine exact one is sold out apparently, but here’s a similar one.

I see a lot of memes about cold offices. Is your office building freezing cold like mine?


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