Once we get through the holidays each year, we like to start on a couple of indoor-only projects. We do so many renovations and so much gardening during the summer, that we’re usually pretty over it by fall. Unless something urgent needs to be done to get ready for holiday guests, we don’t really want to spend our weekends painting and drywalling during September through December.

Thinking ahead to this winter, we’re planning to do a couple of necessary things. You might notice that I only show a handful of rooms on Instagram. This is because there’s still a lot of construction mess behind the scenes. As I’ve said before, we’ve been trying to take our time with restoring the house. Some (a lot) of this is mandated by our budget, but we also have enjoyed making more thoughtful improvements based on the way we use our spaces.

Despite that, the construction mess is getting on our (my) nerves. Three of the bedrooms have been half done for quite some time. The plan for January/February is to replace all the woodwork that we removed, as well as replace the flooring in our bedroom and in the sitting room attached to it. I might also finally get around to making my skirted dressing table – I’ve had the skirt for six months and have yet to get myself together enough to build the table.

Another thing I would love to do is put the finishing touches on the formal living room. I’ve had my eye on this Scully & Scully lamp forever, plus I love their tapestry pillows, too. If you look closely at the photos on Instagram, you’ll notice that there are no throw pillows in this room. A room definitely needs these types of things to feel finished. I’m also hoping to find a few more pieces for the gallery wall and frame the prints I bought this fall.

This might be all we can handle over the winter, but we’ll see. We have a lot to do over this coming summer, too, like replace the porch. It feels like we still have so much work to do, and we do, but we’ve just now lived here for five years and have a small child. It’s coming along, if slowly and steadily. When I start listing out our completed projects, it suddenly sounds like a lot of accomplishments. I hope we’re able to get these projects underway. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you and also just in general being able to share images taken in more than four rooms!